Welcome to “Walking Together”

“Walking is man’s best medicine.” Hippocrates

Welcome to “Walking Together”, a counselling service that supports and nurtures your inner resilience.

Christine is a Registered Nurse  and Counsellor, with a passionate belief in the importance of optimal health and wellness for everyone, regardless of age.

B Nurse (QUT), M Counselling (UQ), Cert 4 Fitness.

AHPRA – Reg Number NMW0001428662
QCA – Membership Number 23080351
ACA – Membership Number 9438
Fitness Australia – Membership Number 045324


Wheel of Wellness

Wellness (as opposed to illness) can be understood as the integration of the intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and emotional (mental), components that contribute to a person’s health and quality of life, as well as how they feel about life and their ability to function effectively (“Concepts of Fitness and Wellness” Corbin, C., Lindsey, R. ,Welk ,G., Corbin, W., 2002).

Christine believes that trauma to one dimension will impact on another, leading to an imbalance which in turn affects a person’s ability to function effectively.

While the wheel forms a perfect circle it remains balanced, but if one part is damaged then the imbalance will affect a person’s health and wellbeing, ultimately causing psychological or physical illness, or both. Sometimes we need assistance to restore the balance, as it is often not an event that can cause imbalance, but the way the event is interpreted or understood.

Christine has worked in both community and hospital settings and hopes through the use of counselling and walking to work towards change and an improved quality of life for her clients. She has worked with both individuals and couples in therapy, particularly in the area of loss and grief, bereavement and Palliative Care.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails” (Bertha Calloway & Others ).